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How do I get started?

You’ll be able to customize your site with photos and all the details about your fundraiser.
Now it’s time to spread the word! Send emails through the fundraising portal, and post on social media. Let people know WHY you are fundraising to support Yale New Haven Hospital. Share your personal story and why it’s so important to you. Download the tools in the resources area. 


Can you give me an example?

Many people chose to create a personal fundraising page for things like celebrating birthdays, to honor a loved one, or to say thank you for exceptional care. Some folks like the idea of a virtual toy drive around the holidays or to help fund special programs in the hospital that have had an impact on their own lives or loved ones.
Some people don’t have a specific or personal connection, but want to help support their community hospital. You can read through the different areas that need support and pick one that resonates with you. Explain to your supporters why you are motivated to help and ask them to join you.


Are donations to my fundraiser tax-deductible?

Donations made directly to Yale New Haven Hospital are tax-deductible and will receive an email acknowledgement from Yale New Haven Hospital.


Don’t see a particular fund you would like to fundraise for?

Please contact our office and we will be happy to help!