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How to DIY

Here are some important "Do it Yourself" tips to create your fundraiser, get donations, and use social media to expand your audience:


Get Started: 

Click here to download step by step instructions that will help you create your own fundraiser.

1. Think about why you’d like to fundraise and what your inspiration is. Your passion is what will help you build your page and inspire others to support your fundraiser.

2. Set a Goal! Setting a goal will help motivate you and your supporters. You can always update your goal.

3. Go to the Home Page, click on the “Create Your Fundraiser” at the top navigation menu, which will bring you to the Create Your Fundraiser page. As you scroll down, you’ll see various funds listed. Click on the fund of your choice, then click on the blue “Create a Fundraising Page” button. As part of the process, you’ll be able to name your fundraiser, create your own personal fundraising URL, and add a goal!  

4. Once your page is set up, you’ll be able to customize your fundraising page with YOUR personal story, photos, even a video if you like! (e.g. In honor of my sister, I’m running a 5k and asking family and friends to make a donation to the Breast Center at Smilow in her honor.)

5. As you progress with your fundraiser, be sure to update your page to share details, add more photos and thank those who have donated so far.


Spread the Word:

Get the word out!  Use your fundraiser portal to send emails to friends and family. Tell people what you’re doing and why. (e.g. For my 12th birthday, I’m asking for donations to the Child Life Fund at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital. They helped me so much when I had my surgery.)

Share your page on social media!  Add a link to your fundraising page to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media! Ask your family and friends to share it too!


Build Your Fundraiser: 

Make an online donation to your fundraising effort and start off on the right track. This will inspire others to support you.  

Use your fundraising portal to ask friends, family, and coworkers to donate and/or join you!  

Remember: It’s all about how you ask! The #1 reason people support a cause is because someone asks. You raise not only money, but awareness, when you tell people about why this is important to you and ask them to help—so be sure to ask everyone you know!  

Get personal! Share your own story, not just statistics. DIY fundraising provides a great opportunity to spread awareness for the things that are meaningful to you. Connect with your supporters on a personal level by sharing why this fundraiser is so important to you! 

Ask everyone to join you! And we mean everyone! Your friends, family, neighbors, classmates, colleagues, clients, grocer, hair dresser – everyone you know or come across.  Personal and virtual connections are bringing us together more than ever!  They’ll be flattered that you thought to include them!


All Done Fundraising?

Don’t forget to thank your supporters when you are done!  Write an update and share with them how they helped you make a difference! Let them know how successful your efforts were. (e.g. Thanks to you, I was able to raise $2,000 for the NICU parking fund. Parker spent 8 weeks in the NICU and we know what a challenge it can be for many families.)

Post your success on your social media accounts. Thank everyone publicly and let them know your efforts were a success. Plus, you never know, you may remind someone who still has it on their “to-do” list!